Nova Nanolight LED Panel Lights

Nanolight LED panel product box

Nova Nanolight LED Panel Lights

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The Nova Nanolight panel triangular design of plates allows you to distinguish it from the ordinary light bulb at the first sight.

Perfect for setting up an original environment! 

Set it up any way you want. It is like building a jigsaw puzzle! Get creative!

As it can be controlled by the App, you can adjust the brightness accordingly and scheme through the 16 million colors! You can also connect it to the Wifi!

Sync the rhythm of the lights to your favorite beats!  


Material: PBC

Brightness: 100lm

Color temperature: 1200k - 6500K

Power: maximum power block 2W

Maximum power (power adapter): 60W

Dimm controll via the APP

Size: 250*250*250mm

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