The Perfect Gaming Set-Up for Consoles

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In the headquarters of Nova we understand the necessities of a gamer, this is why we would like to make some recommendations for your next gaming set-up! 

Selecting the correct TV Size: 

When selecting the correct TV size, the most important aspect to consider how far you will be sitting from the TV. Some people also consider resolution to be a factor, but really having more resolution is always a win-win. 

FINLUX has a great guide to knowing what size to pick. 

(Source: Finlux)

Buying a gaming TV: 

Once you know the correct TV size for your room, you have to pick a TV. Personally, we prefer Sony or Samsung as we consider them to have the best video technology and great life expectancy. 

Go and check some TV's at your favorite store, once you have chosen between 2-3 TV's go to and check the ratings for the following categories: Sports, Video Games and Movies. The most important score components to look at are the following: Input Lag, Motion Blur, Response Time and Contrast. Rtings provides a great definiton for each keyword!

Gaming Headset: 

A good gaming headset provides the depth and focus to excel at your games! We personally recommend Senheisser Headsets as they are the best all rounders and provide the best cost-benefit ratio. 

 Nova Starlight Settings: 

Put the Infinity Projector on the corner of your room, next to your TV with the lights on diagonal mode. Select only the blue light setting in order to be focused and ready to crush your enemies!


Thats it! Now you have a pro gaming set at home!

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