5 SHOCKING facts about space (You won't believe #3)

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1. There are so many stars in the known universe we can't even count them


The known or observable universe is the spherical region around Earth which we can observe through our current telescopic technology. NASA uses estimation techniques to be able to calculate to a certain degree how many stars could be in our own galaxy and then by multiplying that number with other estimates to how many galaxies could be in our observable universe, the number is just completely baffling. "Zillions" is the term used to describe an uncountable amount and NASA can basically say there are zillions of stars in our universe.


2. Our solar system's star: The Sun, accounts for 99% of the total mass found in it


Our sun is so massive and dense that it actually represents an amazing 99% of the solar system's entire mass. Now, can you imagine how HUGE the Earth is? Take into consideration that if you take the combined masses of the Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and basically every massive object in our solar system, it would just represent 1% of its total mass. Now that is a heavy star!


3. The total amount of energy that we as a civilization consume in a whole year is less than the amount of energy received by the sun in just one hour!


Now just think about that for a moment. Every country on this planet, working 24/7 for 365 days a year consumes a humongous amount of energy. We use a massive amount of resources to generate energy in a big city just for 1 hour! Now multiply that for all the energy needed for every city to work in ONE YEAR. In just one regular hour, our sun bathes the earth with more energy than all of our human civilization consumes in a year! Imagine the wonderful world we could live in if we could harness all of that energy instead of burning and consuming our natural unrenewable resources! Now that's something to think about for sure.


4. There is no sound in space! It is completely silent.


Did you know sound cannot exist in empty space? One would think it could as it travels in waves. Thing is sound travels by making molecules vibrate. Our Earth's atmosphere is filled with air molecules consisting of a variety of different gasses and sound makes these molecules vibrate and that's how these vibrations reach our ears enabling us to hear things. As space is empty, there is no vehicle for sound waves to propagate and be heard.


5. Our moon is much further away than we think it is!

Moon Distance

Did you know that if we put all of our solar system's planets one by the other they could fit between the Earth and the moon and still leave about 5000 miles of spare space? The moon looks like it is so close, yet it's actually really far and far bigger than


6. Did you know we can't see the dark side of the moon?

Face of the moon

We all know our moon rotates as it orbits the earth. The amount of time it takes the moon to rotate over its own axis is the same time that it takes to circle around our planet (about 28 days). This crazy synchronicity makes it so that we always see the same face of the moon. I wonder what lies on the dark side of the moon. Now that's some crazy physics right there.


Space is full of mysteries yet to be revealed and every year new discoveries show us how vast and amazing our universe is. Our Infinity Projector is the most affordable space exploration tool we have access to. Check it out and get immersed in the mesmerizing beauty of its stars and nebulas today! 

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