4 Epic Tips to Use Your Infinity Projector

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Tough times. This 2020 has been a tough year all around, no matter what perspective you look at it from. Staying at home for extended periods of time can start to get really boring if we don't change things up a little every now and then. That's why we've brought you 4 epic tips to use your Infinity Projector at home so you can take advantage of the many ways it can be used to spice things up at your crib.

     1. Get that Party Mode going (At Home)!

Who doesn't love music? Well, we at Nova HQ love listening to good music, which is why we'll be sharing with you a weekly Track ID through our NovaSessions posts. Either create a playlist of your favorite tunes or grab the Nova Playlist at Spotify and start pumping out some good music at home, because as Jean-Michel Basquiat wisely said: "Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time." Set up your Infinity Projector in music mode with your favorite light setup and watch the music take over your projector and synchronize to your awesome beats.

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     2. Meditate deep inside mesmerizing galaxies

A worldwide crisis like the one we're going through is bound to put your mind onto some stress. Whatever is the source of yours, you should learn to manage it properly. Either being stuck 24/7 with our family members or the fact that the world is changing so rapidly will strike us a nerve. So how can we spread these low vibration, intense thought clutters? We think meditating is a good part of the answer. We really recommend using Nova Starlights Infinity Projector to set up a relaxing meditation environment in which you can quiet down your mind with calming sounds to the beautiful projected galaxies inside your house.

      3. Make the perfect gaming mood

Playing video games is super fun, connecting online with your friends and team up to shoot down piles of enemies. But, have you ever set up your gaming room with our Infinity Projector? If not, try it out! The darkroom setup will contrast with your TV's light, helping you get more focused shots on your opponents while battling online! Also, check out our blog post on how to create the perfect gaming set up for consoles here.

     4. Outdoors chillout (post-CoVid)

Not all of us are lucky to be under quarantine in a location with an outdoor area to explore and chill out. Nonetheless, this virus will recede and we must be prepared to enjoy life like never before when it happens. Our Infinity Projector can and should be also used for outdoor setups, point it at a tree at night and watch it lighten up. Its lightweight materials will enable you to take it to different locations and create awesome setups on-the-go. Experiment and try it out on your friend's houses, patios, take it to the park. The possibilities are infinite like the stars in our universe.

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